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Mini Samurai : Kurofune is a free third person action samurai game set in 19 century japan.

The Story:

The story is about a samurai who is called to help by the people of an oppressed village. His goal is to take the rights of the people from the oppressive ruler and fight with the rulers guards and ninjas .

Game Features:

  •  Exciting action  sword fighting gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • For fans of hack and slash / Beat em up games
  • Suitable for both female and male players
  • Good graphic with stable performance on older PCs
  • For fans of samurai and ninja games
  • Beautiful environment

Realistic version:


Install instructions

Unzip and play exe file


minisamurai.zip 328 MB
Version 2 Jun 03, 2022


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Mini Samurai Kurofune


This was a super fun game. Great job! 

Thank you.


Beware the awesome power of the samurai! 11/10 rating.

Thank you.


Mini Samurai : Kurofune - trailer

Made a video


Thank you.